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General Questions

Do you have any basic idea about Shenzhen City before you searching for property?

Now Shenzhen becomes the busy metro city. You can arrive at many places by metro train shortly with good safety. So it is very important to know the metro lines in shenzhen before searching for your apartment. There are Luobao Metro Line, Shekou Metro Line, Longgang Metro Line, Longhua Metro Line and Huanzhong Metro Line. In our website, you can find apartment by metro line. So kindly Please search for your apartment or office space by Change Metro Line & Criteria

What kind of service can you get from SER when you searching for properties in Shenzhen?
It is a pleasure to provide relocation service for you from SER. Searching for residence and commercial properties is our main business. SER would like introduce Shenzhen City, residence market, commercial market, orientation service, etc. After you move into your new properties, we would like offer daily service, maintenance service. 

When should I start the home search process?
We suggest that you start searching for a place two or three weeks before your desired lease commencement date. If you start house hunting too early, generally landlords will not agree to hold their properties for you, thus diminishing the chance of negotiating the best lease rates for you. But there's no harm in looking earlier. We'd be pleased to integratean orientation tour into the property inspection schedule. It's unlikely that you'll be able to select the actual home at an early date, but you can narrow down the options, allowing for a quicker property search later on.

Are most of the properties furnished in Shenzhen City?
Yes. Most of the properties are furnished. However, some landlords can be flexible to remove part or all the furniture while some landlords may refuse to remove any furniture simply because it is too much trouble to find someplace to store them. In some newly developed compounds, you may also request that the landlord decorate the property according to your taste, such as purchasing the furniture together with the landlord or simply receiving a furniture allowance to buy thefurniture by yourself.

How to rent shenzhen office space?

Before you start to rent office, you should have basic information about Shenzhen office market. If you want to run an office in Grade A building, Futian CBD area should be the best choice. If you want to save costing, suggest you to rent it in Luohu and Nanshan. Futian CBD area has a lot of branch companies, and finance companies. Yantian and Shekou has many of oil companies. Nanshan Hi-tech park is a place with many of internet companies, and IT companies. It is very important to understand your coming office size, and employee qty, and total budget. At the same time, to take metro train every day for your employee is very important. Many of companies set up office space nearby metro line. Office space has furnished and unfurnished. If it is unfurnished, you will spend time and money to make decoration, and buy office furniture. After sign the lease contract, both of tenant and landlord will register the lease contract, and register business in local government departments. 

Same size, but why is the rent different?
Good quality renovations at the property. Better furnishings and fittings. The individual landlord's rent expectation. In Shenzhen City, some landlord's are keener to get early rental income than others. Most Shenzhen property developments are built in phases. A property at a new phase is typically better than an older one and sold at a higher price. So, rent at the newer property is higher. For expat houses, corner properties with larger gardens rent for more. For expat apartments, properties on higher floors rent for more. A apartment with a view and Sunnier south-facing units. Good views command higher rents, but if the property faces another tower or building site, it's not worth it.

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